Finding Your Passion

In the Summer 2018 issue of 17 Degrees Magazine, I was asked to write my own column to introduce myself to the readers. Here it is, reprinted in full, with permission from 17 Degrees Magazine.   Hello readers! In this first 'meet the team' column I want to introduce myself and let you all get... Continue Reading →


The Goddess Collection – Out Now!

Background I am so proud to be able to announce that I have finally released my first poetry booklet – The Goddess Collection. The collection consists of twelve poems which explore various themes around feminism and women’s rights, and draws a direct comparison between the Ancient Greek Goddesses and women of today. Inspiration The first... Continue Reading →

Fierce Women Talk Honestly

Fierce Women Talk Honestly The highlight of One Weekend in Falkirk (Jan 2018) was an event I hosted, where the aptly named “Women With Fierce Words” took over our usual Rooftop Writers writing group meeting. We also had some beautiful instrumental guitar music by Belgian musician, Nico G. The evening started off with a writing prompt,... Continue Reading →

Advice from Ian Rankin

Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival 2017 Last weekend I was fortunate enough to grab tickets for Bloody Scotland 2017, Scotland’s crime writing festival, in Stirling. Over the course of the weekend I drank champagne and mingled with some of the country’s top crime authors in the Great Hall of Stirling Castle; I saw the announcement... Continue Reading →

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