The Emerald Bookshelf Pop-up

For full information about The Emerald Bookshelf, please visit organiser Sandy Bennett-Haber’s Website

3pm – 6pm Saturday 6th October 2018 at Falkirk Trinity Church

Emerald Bookshelf

As if I didn’t already have loads of exciting literary things coming up during Falkirk Storytelling Festival, I’m also thrilled to be the guest curator of a pop-up bookshelf.

The Emerald Bookshelf is a space where readers and writers can connect, and offers self-published and indie authors the chance to promote and sell their books.

As the curator, I’ve chosen to feature writers who are in some way connected to the Festival.  Myself, Carol Allan, and Suzanne Egerton all have books included, and the three of us will also appear in the “Raging Goddesses” event which takes place alongside the Emerald Bookshelf.

Also featured on the shelf is Max Scratchmann, The Breaking Your Silence anthology from the Rooftop Writers, and Waymaking, a new anthology of women’s adventure writing.

This is a great opportunity for readers to come along and discover some fantastic new writers, enjoy the performance, and relax with a drink from the bar.

Books and wine – what more could you want?

– Ailie x


Find out more about my book, The Goddess Collection

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